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To answer your questions please review the Downloads available or call us on (08) 8297 1233 during business hours

How can I pay for my products? - Payment can be made in Cash / Cheque / Credit Card.  With prior arrangement payment can be received via EFT

Do I need to sign a service contract with Adelaide Food Service Pty Ltd - No, there are no contracts and you can access our service when ever the need arrises

Can I pick up meals from the shop outlet when ever I want, or do I have to pre-order them - Yes, pick up of any frozen meal on our menu can be made Monday to Friday from 10am to 5pm - However, if you wish to purchase fresh products eg. rolls, salads, fresh fruit or Jellied Fruit, we ask that you call us the day before so product can be made to order

Is there a minumum food order amount to qualify for delivery ($fee applies) - Yes, we kindly ask that you spend a mimimum of $62.50 on your food, to qualify for delivery ($ applicable) to your home / work

Does it cost me more for delivery if I order a large amount of products (more than 1 esky full) - No, if you have a chest freezer, you can order as many products as you can fit and only a single delivery fee will apply

What if I do not have a microwave, how do I heat my meals? - The containers are able to be heated in a microwave or conventional oven - indeed some products give a better meal when heated in an oven eg. Roast Meats, others benefit from the humidity of microwave heating